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The Renew Salon and Spa team is finally launching their own app! 
The app includes exclusive specials and promotions, the latest news and styling tips, and easy accessible booking. 

Download the Mysalonapp on your current app store or google play, and use the code: Renew Salon and Spa, to access our branch in the App!


February Specials

Schedule a Chocolate or Berry Infused Facial for $75.00 (regularly $85.00).  The benefits of a Chocolate or Berry Infused Facial are:  They boost the production of Collagen, adds antioxidants to your skin, give a healthy glow to your face, and softens and hydrates your skin so that wrinkles are kept at bay. 

Schedule a Valentine's Pedicure for $40.00.  What is a Valentine's Pedicure?  It is a Rose Pedal Infused Pedicure complete with a chocolate scrub.  What are the benefits of this pedicure?  Not only is it relaxing and moisturizing, it has anti-inflammatory, toning, and antioxidant agents. 

Schedule a Scalp Scrub with a blowout with Heather or Felicia for $45.00, (regularly $60.00).  Why? Everyone complains about dry hair during the inter, but what we don't realize is that our scalp gets just as dry.  A scalp scrub not only moisturizes but rejuvenates the scalp.

We are excited to feature our new line for the scalp!  If you  have a dry or sensitive scalp/thinning hair, this is the product for you!!


Complimentary Consul

Renew Salon and Spa will be giving complimentary consultations for anyone looking to get extensions. Extensions are good for anyone looking for a new look with length, body, or color. However, we understand that not everyone exactly knows how extensions work or the best look in their hair, therefore, we would love this opportunity to sit with you and see what your exact needs and wants are! 


We also offer Lanza Organic Spa Color an environmental friendly color line.


Return policy:


Credit Card Policy

*We do not accept gratuity on credit cards. 

*Any gratuity can be added to a check

*We attempt all major credit cards

*There is a 4% fee for all credit cards/debit cards charges.


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